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About Fabby-Do



Artist Robin Donna, Creator and CEO of Fabby-Do For Kids,

is affectionately known as "Miss Fabby-Do". 


As the eldest of 10 siblings encouraged in music and the arts, 

Robin's freedom of creativity was a gift from her parents. 

Robin's love of children and her passion for the arts began the foundation for the Fabby-Do brand. 


Founded in 2010, Fabby-Do has celebrated thousands of children, 

in the Bucks County community and the tri-state area for more than 12 years.

Fabby-Do is a "Creativity Crafts-Café" for children 

encouraging creative expression in the arts, ages 2 to teen.


Robin's shop design was modeled and inspired by her love of vintage soda fountains 

and candy stores of the 1950's.  As a collector of antiques with a passion for Mid-Century Modern history, 

her beautiful shop transports you to another time and place. 


As an artist and designer, one of Robin's favorite projects was illustrating the vibrant and colorful 

candy-coated wallpaper throughout her store! 

Part Peewee's Playhouse, part Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory,

 and part Barbie's Dream House, Fabby-Do is an eclectic and magical space,

 mixed with humor, awe, wonder... and "WOW!" 


Come visit Fabby-Do today, or shop online and ship the fun!

 Creativity Stations, Toys, Candy, Gifts, Parties, Classes, and so much more! 

Create over 100 different Arts & Crafts for girls and boys!

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