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Kids Childrens Parties

Award-winning Parties 
for girls and boys


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All Fabby-Do parties include a choice of craft, party favors, and add-ons!

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In Shop Parties
Fabby-Do Party Policy

PARTY TIMEFRAME:  50-minute craft.  40 minutes for food & cake.

MAX of 90 minutes long for a creativity party experience at Fabby-Do.

Parties are held on FRIDAYS, SATURDAYS, SUNDAYS as well as weekday evenings

Last minute parties (<10 days in advance) may be limited in craft selection. No parties may be booked  with less than 4 days in advance with exception of calling the shop before booking


GUESTS: Minimum of 10 creating guests for a party. Max of 30 guests total, due to fire code.
Max of 20 creating guests seated, however we can accommodate more craft seating if over 20.

Overflow guests above 30 will not be permitted in the store due to fire code.


SICK POLICY: MASKS MUST BE WORN with a cough, cold, or runny nose.

No exception for “allergies”.  If a child has a fever, or if there is a highly contagious virus in your home, or guest’s home, a party will need to be postponed, or your guest may not attend.

It's our job to keep our party families, guests, and Fabby-Do staff healthy and safe, as well as keeping all art supplies clean and sanitized. Thank you for your understanding and courtesy for others in this matter, due to the changing times.

NOTE: Fabby-Do LLC does not supply extra masks for guests. Must bring your own masks.


FOOD POLICY:  We network exclusively with JULES PIZZA ONLY, our neighbors next to Fabby-Do, for all food. NO OTHER OPEN FOOD of any kind is permitted.  You may bring individual bags of chips or snacks. No open bowls of snack food permitted.  JULES PIZZA also offers gluten free & dairy free options. You may order anything from their menu. YOUR PIZZA ORDER WILL BE PLACED DIRECTLY THROUGH FABBY-DO to ensure delivery on time for your event.


DESSERTS:  You may bring your own cake, cupcakes, or cookies from a LICENCED BAKERY ONLY.

We also network with our neighbors at Cup & Cake Company if you’d like to order cupcakes through their bakery.  They offer a discount on their cupcakes when celebrating with Fabby-Do.


COST: $150 PARTY FEE plus a craft fee, per person. Craft choice pricing will vary for each celebration.

PARTY FEE is paid online at time of booking and is non-refundable.

Choice of one craft per party, with the exception of costume parties for male and female guests. 10% off craft charge for 10 or more guests.

Your final headcount and pizza order to be placed by Fabby-Do will be due the Wednesday before your event.  Your headcount will be locked in, meaning we cannot add or subtract from your order once it is placed, as we can prep over 150 children in a weekend. It takes a lot of time and energy to order and prep our experiences for guests. Please make sure of headcount.

PLEASE NOTE: If a guest is sick, craft fee will still be charged, however you may take the extra craft home with you, or opt for a gift certificate for remaining balance, to use at another time.



However, if guests are sick, party may be rescheduled for a later date, or you may use balance toward store credit. If Fabby-Do Staff are sick (with COVID, Flu, or any other type of serious illness), you will promptly be notified, and party will be rescheduled at a further date after staff are well.  Your guests must be notified of our sick policy and wearing of masks before attending your party.                              

29 News -11.jpg

Sick Policy

No colds, coughs, runny noses, pink eye, fevers, stomach viruses, the flu, or any other types of viral symptoms that could compromise the health of a client or staff member. 

No one will be permitted to enter the shop with any of these symptoms, or will be asked to leave to attend another time.

(NO sick guest or Staff Member)


If a guest is sick and was scheduled for an appointment or party, guests may reschedule an appointment or party at a later date, or may opt for store credit. 



It's our duty to protect our children, clients, and staff, abiding by state guidelines. MASK POLICY may change due to fluctuating numbers of virus cases. Always carry a mask when entering Fabby-Do just incase masks may be required. 


Take Fabby-Do home!

Fabby-Do is excited to provide pre-packaged Party Experiences

for in-home celebrations!


Beautifully packaged Creative-Fun to Party like 

Fabby-Do in your very own home!

 Party kits must be preordered and prepaid over the phone, at least 2 weeks in advance for your desired date of celebration.

Your party kits will be individually wrapped and packaged, per guest, in a lovely gift bag with party favors, tissue paper, and ribbon.

You will schedule your desired pickup time for your
party kits by phone.

Fabby-Do provides curbside pickup for any creative kits or party kits in the store at: 64 South Main Street Doylestown, PA 18901

You may also have party kits shipped to your home. 

We ship anywhere in the USA. Shipping costs will vary depending on location and weight.

After Party Kit box is weighed, you will be contacted to pay the shipping separately. We can do in-home party kits for any creative services

in the store!

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