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DANCING WITH MYSELF season premiere starts May 31st! Shake your groove thang!

Keep doing your thing! You never know who’s watching!
I can’t believe I was just going about my business… and then a few months ago producers found me through my viral TikToks and social media posts and contacted me, asking if I’d like to be on @shakira’s new reality dance show, DANCING WITH MYSELF.
You just never know who’s watching. 😳

“Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but the Lords purpose prevails.”
I go when I’m called… especially if @shakira is on the other side of the line 🤩🤩🤩

Screenshot 2022-09-24 165713.png

This is the exact moment that my door flung open to my pod and I was introduced to the studio audience on DANCING WITH MYSELF NBC.

Honest to goodness, I’m so happy I have this clip. This was my 8 counts to shine and give it my all for the crowd. After that, I didn’t care what would happen on the show. So many talented dancers, all experience levels. Anything after this moment was the cherry on the top for me.

I was found! Loved by producers through my viral posts. I was seen. I was validated for my passion in the arts. My hard work paid off. Plucked out of my daily grind and given this opportunity… that I know was from God, through @nbc. I’m so grateful to all those who saw something in me and my business on social media and asked me to dance on the show.

This experience forever changed my life, from the amazing people I met, to dancing my heart out with such talented creators and dancers.  The opportunity of a lifetime, and already more opportunities ahead for @missfabbydo and @fabbydoforkids.

After such a hard couple years with the detriment that Covid forced upon small businesses, I had made the choice to hustle and rework my business model, taking to tiktok with my gifts and talents in the arts. My shop, the backdrop. From singing, dancing, stunts, physical comedy, I pulled it all out of the hat.

To my surprise, followers began climbing! Then one day, BOOM! First post went viral, then another, then another. In only 2 weeks, I had over 9 million views, and 5.3 million views on just one of my highest tiktoks to date.

The platform of tiktok was my ticket to get my name out there. Not only as a business, but as an entertainer. My first love: singing, dancing, and comedy. Entertainment.

Amazingly the week of the premiere for DANCING WITH MYSELF NBC was my one year anniversary on tiktok! A little twinkle from God.
I was found within 6 months, going viral. Exactly 6 months later, dancing my heart out on national tv! Honestly a miracle, but so thankful to God.

Covid, such an uncertain time for small business. I’m so grateful to the producers of DANCING WITH MYSELF @nbc.

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