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Design a flavored lip gloss with tint to mix and apply to lips. 

Create an “Eau De Fabby-Do” Body Fragrance Spray, light and sweet. 

Layer lovely candy scents and colors together for a custom Shimmer Lotion for radiant skin. 

Decorate and customize your lotion bottle with novelty stickers and patterned ribbon. 

Design a bracelet with charm, beads, and ribbon.

Decorate a cosmetic bag with crafty “Fabby-DOodads”, stickers, markers, and glue. 

Includes a surprise nail polish with nail file, ring, and hand lotion for shimmery skin. 

Includes a Fabby-Do Goodie Bag with Fabby-fun surprises inside!


(To design at Fabby-Do only! Cannot be shipped.)

Fabby-Do Beauty Queen Supreme!

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