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Hankering for the fun of Double Dare, Flubber, or ectoplasmic residue?


Your slime design creation kit includes 2 colorful foamy-goop slimes with fun mix-ins to blend togetherin a novelty ice cream bowl with spoon. Stretchy-gooey fun! 

Includes a Fabby-Do Goodie Bag with 3 Fabby-fun surprises inside!   


No instructions included - your child's imagination is the only guide!


Scoop-a-Goop offers kids a great medium for creating ever-evolving characters for endless play! Great for sensory exploration and stress relief for all! For those who played with Play-Doh, Silly Putty, or even homemade concoctions, Scoop-a-Goop takes you on a nostalgic journey back to those creative carefree moments of play!


See the magic of a Scoop-a-Goop party in action here!

Check out these links for more Scoop-a-Goop fun and creativity in action!


(To design at Fabby-Do, or ship the Fun!)

Fabby-Do Scoop-a-Goop!

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