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Celebrating Pee-wee Herman: Embracing Quirky Adventures and Endless Laughter

One of the best gifts I have ever received in my life was a message from @peeweeherman himself.

This message was right before the pandemic hit... and was honestly the reason I kept fighting for my business, despite the unknown, and seeing many businesses crumbling and closing all around me.

Not only did the pandemic get me super focused, but I created an even better business model to ensure success to take my business beyond the 4 walls of @fabbydoforkids and expand nationally. @peeweeherman, one of my childhood idols... AND Pee-wee’s Playhouse, a huge inspiration in my design layout of @fabbydoforkids.

If I could have lived in any house as a child, it was never Barbie’s Dream House, or Disney Princess Castle, or with Rainbow Bright, and Carebears in the sky. It was Pee-wee’s Playhouse... And I built my own at @fabbydoforkids. My dream come true. If I could meet anyone in my lifetime, I hoped to meet Paul Reubens who helped inspire my dream business for children... and his inspiration for me to keep going despite adversity.

“Are you having any laughs? Are you getting any loving?” 🤣

If there’s any theme song out there, this is the theme song of my life! Love all the lyrics. I love Elaine Strich’s voice so much! 😜❤️

I was going through all my Pee-wee Herman reels and film clips that we have done over the past couple years at my shop @fabbydoforkids. This small clip from my holiday reel back in December 2022…a play on my fantasy love affair with @peeweeherman.

Obsessed with him as a kid… but a burning crush on a man who had puppets for friends and a magical house! Forget Barbie’s Dream House!

I wanted Pee-wee’s Playhouse. Now that’s the kind of man I wanted to marry as a kid. 🤣

Paul Reubens was in a category all his own.

Made his own planet here on earth.

I’ve always been drawn to the uninhibited, eccentric, weird, strange, bizarre, wacky, humorous, creatively ingenious, brilliant, damn funny people!

Social media has opened up my world to people, much like me in the creative arts. Amazing people that live around the world, but you wish they lived next door! Oh, the block parties we’d have. 🎉

I love you, @peeweeherman. Forever in my heart and on my shelf with Chairy. Your giggle burned in my brain.

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