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Hershey's Imagination Sweetened the World

If I was your lunch lady.

“Beans or broccoli?”

Hairnets and aprons are sooooooo attractive. Am I right? LOL😜🤷‍♀️

Made my own chocolate bar today at @hersheyschocolateworld.

So fun and delish!

Have you ever been to @hersheypark? It’s truly amazing!

The history behind Milton Hershey is even more amazing and the legacy he and his wife Kitty have made is nothing short of astounding!

The fact that Milton Hershey went bankrupt 3 times trying to sell caramel by the time he was 30 years old…But never gave up on his dream.

One large sale to Europe changed his life and he became a billionaire.

Never give up! The power of the human spirit!

And here I am in a hairnet experiencing the amazing creativity of this company!

Disney is another phenomenal place … but the story behind Milton Hershey is even more incredible … AND what his Trust Fund continues to do for underprivileged children is all so mind blowing.

This man made caramels, to then candy factories,

to then building homes for employees, and then built a town for his workers,

then built an orphanage, then schools, then an amusement park,

then a boarding home for underprivileged children, still running today!

They can make over a million chocolates in one day…

And 3 million people visit his park yearly!

That’s just the a small synopsis!

Why hasn’t anyone made a movie about Milton Hershey?!

That would be a fantastic story!

Their @reeses pieces were in a movie in the 80’s! Remember E.T.!!!?

Born in 1857, Milton turned a slice of Pennsylvania farmland into a chocoholic's dream town, Hershey. Imagine being so obsessed with chocolate that you name a whole town after it! Before he became the Willy Wonka of America, though, Milton had a roller coaster ride of business ventures—some that soared, and others that, well, melted.

Catherine "Kitty" Hershey, Milton's better (and perhaps sweeter) half. These two weren't just about cocoa and kisses. They had a giant heart for kids too. Without any of their own, they poured their love and resources into creating the Milton Hershey School in 1909. It wasn't your average school; it was a haven for orphaned and underprivileged kids. And even though Kitty passed away in 1915, their legacy lives on, especially in the school, in the area...and in the treats!

Hershey, Pennsylvania is not just a factory churning out mouth-watering chocolates, but an entire community where employees didn't just punch in hours but lived the sweet life—literally! We're talking homes, parks, schools, and a trolley system (because why not?). Fast forward to now, and Hershey isn’t just a town; it's an experience. Theme park? Check. Lush gardens? Double check. Theater and museum? Oh, yes. If you've got a sweet tooth or just crave a sprinkle of fun, Hershey's got the goods. And it’s all thanks to a man with a giant chocolate-shaped dream. 🍫🎢🌳

As if creating a whole town wasn't audacious enough, Milton was also all about innovation in his chocolate factory. In the early 20th century, he introduced mass-production techniques that revolutionized the candy-making world. This wasn't just a guy stirring a pot of cocoa; he was essentially the Henry Ford of chocolates, bringing sweet delights to the masses. His Hershey's Kisses, introduced in 1907, became an instant sensation. With their distinctive shape and foil wrapping, they quickly became symbols of affection. Imagine, without his innovations, the world might have missed out on those bite-sized kisses!

Did you know that Milton S. Hershey was supposed to be on the Titanic? Yes, that legendary ship that hit an iceberg and inspired a million movie quotes. Milton had booked a ticket aboard the ill-fated voyage but, in a twist of sweet fate, changed his plans at the last moment. While the reasons remain a bit mysterious (some say business commitments, others claim a feeling of unease), the outcome is clear: the chocolate world's course was forever altered by that decision. Hershey's continued success might just owe a bit to that skipped boat ride.

Anyway, a lot to say in a hairnet here, but I was completely impressed with the whole experience.

So worth the trip.

Ps. My fave candy is @reeses cups… which is actually number one candy in the WORLD! Can you believe that?!


- Robin Donna


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