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Play Like a 6 Year Old...

I love my life.

I love my job.

I love that I get to make children happy and bring smiles to the young at heart.

We are all still children.

Our hearts pure and good.

The weight of the world can be heavy and overwhelming on our shoulders.

I encourage fun, humor, play, getting your hands dirty, rolling on the ground, acting like a nut…. remembering our inner child.

They still look to us for love, compassion, assurance, … that we’ll make it ok!

Some of our childhoods might have been cookie-cutter sweet.

Others might have been full of anxiety, abuse, uncertainty.

Wherever you are today, I encourage you to play!

Jump rope, play with chalk, hula hoop, jump in puddles, skip down the street, spin, and laugh as hard as you can.

Dr. Ginsburg dropped some real talk in 2007, pointing out that play isn't just kids mucking about; it's serious business for their development. Dive into play, and you're not just seeing games; you're witnessing stress relief, resilience building, and problem-solving all rolled into one. And, icing on the cake? It strengthens the bond between parents and their kiddos like nothing else. So, when kids are out there playing pirates or princesses, it's not just fun and games – they're getting equipped for life.

You are ok.

You are going to be ok.

You do not need to carry the world.

Tap into your inner child.

Tell me how you played today 🤗❤️

In Lucia Capacchione's book "The Inner Child: Your Key to Happiness, Creativity, and a Fuller Life.", she's all about that younger you, the one with muddy shoes and maybe a candy stash hidden somewhere. Turns out, little-you wasn't just about Saturday morning cartoons; they held the key to our adult happiness and creativity. Lucia believes that if we vibe with our younger selves, we can unlock a world of imagination and deal with some of the grown-up baggage we carry around. So, it's kinda like getting life advice from the kiddo version of you.

Need some ideas? Here's what we're thinking...

  • "Fantasy Fashion Fiesta": Unleash the inner fashionista! Play dress-up using old clothes, Halloween costumes, or even mom and dad's attire. Create a storyline - perhaps you're attending a royal ball or a superhero gathering. End with a dazzling runway walk in the hallway.

  • "Treasure Trackers of Backyard Bay": Embark on a grand outdoor adventure! Craft a whimsical map, perhaps leading to the "Lost Teddy" or the "Golden Cookie Jar." Use trinkets from around the house as treasures and plant them in secret spots.

  • "Doodle & Dazzle Artistry": Dive into a world of color! Try tie-dyeing t-shirts, creating shimmering bead necklaces, or making fantastical masks. Dedicate a wall or fridge space as the "Gallery of Wonders" for your art pieces.

  • "Groovy Groove-a-lot Dance Off": Blast those beats! Create a themed dance party - maybe '80s neon, disco fever, or jungle jamboree. Teach each other dance moves and have spontaneous freeze-dance moments.

  • "Gameboard Galore Night": Take a trip down nostalgia lane with old board games. Spice things up with playful stakes, like the loser doing a funny dance or telling a silly joke.

  • "Messy Chef Mania": Don your chef hats! Create a messy kitchen competition, with categories like "Craziest Cookie" or "Mega Monster Pizza." Have a tasting ceremony at the end.

  • "Splash-n-Dash Duels": Arm yourselves with water balloons and squirt guns. Set up base camps and rules. Maybe there's a "No Splash Zone" or a "Rain Dance Ritual" before the water fight begins.

  • "Twisted Tales Time": Delve into a world of imagination! Use a prop box with random items to inspire wild and wacky stories. Each person picks an item and builds a tale around it.

  • "Fabled Forts of Pillowtopia": The living room is your kingdom! Craft majestic forts using cushions, blankets, and fairy lights. Once inside, it's the realm of stories. Perhaps the fort is a spaceship, a dragon's den, or a hidden underwater cave.

  • "Muddy Masterpiece Mayhem": Nature is your canvas! Create quirky mud sculptures, sand monuments, or even leaf art. Have a "Gallery Walk" showcasing your creations.

  • "Playful Pretend Emporium": Transform the living room! Maybe today it's a bustling jungle market, a serene space station spa, or a pop-up dragon diner. Use toys and household items to set the scene.

  • "Starry-eyed Story Sky": Under the canopy of the cosmos, lay out with soft blankets and pillows. Use a stargazing app or book to find constellations, or better yet, invent your own with quirky names and backstories.

Embracing each activity with boundless energy and imagination can lead to magical moments and memories that'll be cherished for a lifetime!

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