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Timeless Inspiration: Drawing from the Wellspring of Mid-Century Modern Art

Artist Robin Donna, Creator and CEO of Fabby-Do For Kids, is affectionately known as “Miss Fabby-Do”.

As the eldest of 10 siblings encouraged in music and the arts, Robin’s freedom of creativity was a gift from her parents.

Robin’s love of children and her passion for the arts began the foundation for the Fabby-Do brand.

Robin’s shop design was modeled and inspired by her love of vintage soda fountains and candy stores of the 1950’s. For those who lived during the era, these establishments evoke nostalgia and personal memories of youth, simpler times, and communal gathering spots. For later generations, they inspire a sense of nostalgia for an era they did not personally experience but have come to know through popular media and stories. The 1950s, at least in popular memory, are often seen as a time of relative innocence, post-war economic boom, and societal cohesion in many Western countries, especially the United States. The simplicity of choosing a soda or candy flavor stands in stark contrast to the overwhelming choices and complexities of modern life.

Soda fountains and candy stores were not just places to buy a treat; they were communal gathering spots. They were places where neighbors met, where teenagers had their first dates, and where families might spend a Sunday afternoon...building a strong sense of community. In the U.S., the 1950s soda fountain and candy store aesthetic are deeply embedded in the nation's cultural memory. It's a symbol of "Main Street USA," - true Americana - representing a kind of grassroots, small-town feel that many people identify with, even in larger cities.

The artisanal approach to making sodas, ice creams, and candies contrasts with today's mass-produced items. This hearkens back to a time when things were handcrafted with care and personal touch, adding a layer of authenticity and charm. The visual aesthetics of the 1950s—chrome bar stools, checkered floors, pastel colors, jukeboxes—are distinctive and immediately recognizable. They evoke a specific mood and atmosphere that's both retro and timeless. Interestingly, many of the products and services in these establishments were considered cutting-edge or trendy at the time. The soda fountain, for instance, was a place where people could experience the latest in drink concoctions...a time of imagination and wonder come to life!

As a collector of antiques with a passion for Mid-Century Modern history, her beautiful shop transports you to another time and place.

As an artist and designer, one of Robin’s favorite projects was illustrating the vibrant and colorful

candy-coated wallpaper throughout her store! Part Peewee’s Playhouse, part Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory,

and part Barbie’s Dream House, Fabby-Do is an eclectic and magical space, mixed with humor, awe, wonder... and “WOW!”

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